In Memory

Pamela Phillips

From Pam Rogers:

"I'm not sure of the exact year now that I found out...I remember writing her sister Nancy probably in the late 90s on Classmates or some similiar site. I think it was Pam's sister in-law that wrote me to tell me of her death. Pam and I were good friends in middle school and the beginning of high happens we started hanging with different people so we weren't as close by the time we graduated. Pam was a great friend...I always loved those big eyes of her's with those long lashes...we loved to laugh and chat in class. I'm sure Nancy will join this site soon and add more. I was so saddenend to hear of her passing by the hands of her husband....they were living in Florida at the time. I believe she had 3 children."

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12/30/08 07:21 PM #1    

Sandra Wallace (Gori)

I heard of this too on; her sister-in-law posted it. Since I've know Nancy, Pam and Chuck since we were really young, I wrote to her, offering my condolences and shared a memory. She told me more of what happened to Pam. I believe it may have been 1996 (that's when I first signed up with AOL). What a tragedy.

01/20/09 09:11 PM #2    

Lisa Quigley (Staffieri)

It was 1996 when she passed. I got a call from a mutual friend of ours; she had to track me down to tell me. I was heartbroken when I heard the story. Pam was always nice and I had many good times with her. She will be missed......

08/13/09 10:28 AM #3    

Jeanine Lennox (Reilly)

Pam and Nancy and I were all a part of the original Lenola School gang. Because of that, we were always connected. Something about Lenola School kept us all together, knowing that we all had each others back.
I am beyond sad that Pam met such a tragic fate. I will continue to pray for her children, so that they can find solace somehow, someday.

01/28/14 12:18 PM #4    

Steven O'Neill

Wow the 1st thing that burst into my head is pam's distinct giggle.

For about 3 years we were always hang'n out in Lenola, usually the Rec.

With other Lenolians, her sis, Nancy, Sherri Edwards, Janette Gerlock, Dave Bobb, Jay

Love, Shawn Cahlan, Dave Govito, Ricky Ruggiano, and I know there's more ect...

But these were the adolencent times, of 1st kisses, Rocky Horror at Ch. Hill Mall, sneak'n a beer


Crack'n up, smiling think'n of Pam as I write this.. Lotta fun afternoons listen'n to Ozzy on Janette"s

Boom Box chasing each other, play'n grab ass, suicide, basketball ect..

Glad you were in my life, Pam.

Miss u

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